Tyler Thacker



Biographie / Biography


Tyler Thacker (American, b. 1984 ; lives and work in NY) has recently featured his work at PACT, Downs & Ross NYC, Odunpazari Modern Museum and curated at Powrplnt, Brooklyn. He is the recipient of honorary programming from UCLA, CalArts, New Centre, Art Students League and BHQFU. Thacker’s work is represented by PACT where he had his first gallery show, June 2019.

Tyler Thacker is an American visual artist based out of the greater New York area. With no prior education, the artist taught himself to paint using YouTube tutorials while executing slapdash commissions of people’s grandchildren and pets. His own paintings focus on nonhuman intelligence – recombining visual cues from historical Flemish vanitas and commercial advertising into chaotic scenes where objects are formally stripped of their objectivity. Primary modes of conceptualization are plucked from Post-Structuralism, online truther antagonisms, and Accelerationism, then injected with a perverted nostalgia for the European Baroque and American Transcendentalism. Tyler Thacker’s painted landscapes are often littered with plastic ephemera, 3D modeled classical imagery, elemental energies (i.e. fire/ water/ gas), emboldened visual languages extracted from the contemporary zeitgeist, fake news, bodiless hands of anonymous authorship, ubiquitous icons, various sentient technologies and corporate anthropomorphs as xeno-prophets of the future to we are trying to catch up. Tyler Thacker doesn’t regard his a posteriorioutput as surrealistic by virtue of lacking REM Sleep, and prefers to frame these labored-over luxurious objects as bathed in the wanton light of libidinal economies qua accelerated hyperrealism. Washed up on the riverbank of cybernetics, drenched in ruinous dogma and an esoteric metaphysics, Tyler Thacker is a fully jacked in bastard child of the Dark Enlightenment. — Carlos